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Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 (EVAE 2016)

Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 Nota: EVAE es una mezcla de encuentro/conferencia y   desconferencia , y lo...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Educational Alternatives Summer Gathering 2016 (EVAE 2016) Special Guests

EUDEC is co-organising one of the biggest alternative education conferences ever held in Spain this August!

Educational Alternatives Summer Gathering 2016 (EVAE 2016)

23 to 28 August, Toledo, Spain

The Educational Alternatives Summer Gathering (EVAE 2016) is a gathering of students, families, teachers, professors, activists, artists, dreamers and anyone else interested in exploring educational alternatives in a friendly, open environment. Democratic schools, unschooling, free schools, home education, people who desire to change the conventional school system, creative workshops, and various other aspects of educational alternatives will be represented in a stimulating celebration of diversity and community.

Special guests:
Michael Newman, teacher at Summerhill School, activist for children’s rights
Leslie Barson: The Otherwise Club
Derry Hannam: Student Voice and the democratic decision-making process
Daragh McInerney: Without community there is no liberation
Marko Koskinen: Democratic distance-learning, from Finland to Pakistan
Alex Newby and Chloe Watson, living without school, England
Christel Bakker-Hartkamp: Pedagogy of trust
Peter Hartkamp: Beyond coercive education, book presentation. Workshop: Dealing with governments-Experience of a Sudbury school in the Netherlands
Stefanie Mohsennia: Talk: Learning naturally. Presentation of German Home Educators’ book and the Schulfrei-community
Lena Kraus: How to Prevent Apathy in Democratic Schools... and whether we should
Simone Haenen: Life after Sudbury Valley School and promoting educational change
Jon Igelmo Zaldivar, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow at the University of Deusto. Book presentation: Deschooling life: Ivan Illich and criticism of educational institutions.
Dra. Sandra Girbés Peco, Department of Pedagogy, University Rovira i Virgili: Learning communities
Madalen Goiria, Doctor of Civil Law, University of the Basque Country. The future of Home Education
Ani Perez: Libertarian Education in Spain
Representatives of various free/active/democratic schools in Spain (Full programme in Spanish)
Open Space, and the freedom to arrange to organize spontaneous talks, workshops and happenings

Also: Life-coaching, theatre, solespain.org, creative workshops, experiences with Montessori methods in Spanish schools, Biodance, the Alexander Technique, circus workshop, science workshop, Ecstatic Dance, sports, variety show, fancy dress, outdoor swimming pool, board games workshop, and whatever else strikes our collective fancy..

Passage on EVAE 2015 by Peter Hartkamp, board member, EUDEC

EVAE takes place in La Chopera, Ugena, Toledo, Spain, from August 23 to 28.

Contact: Daragh (0034)722349019

Email: encuentroalted@gmail.com

EVAE is coorganised by ALE, RAMAE, Asociación Otra Escuela Es Posible, and EUDEC, and is a not-for-profit event.

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