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Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 (EVAE 2016)

Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 Nota: EVAE es una mezcla de encuentro/conferencia y   desconferencia , y lo...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christel Bakker-Hartkamp and Peter Hartkamp

Christel Bakker-Hartkamp. Talk: Pedagogy of trust, the theory and practice of educational models based on trust

Peter Hartkamp: Beyond coercive education, book presentation

Workshop: Dealing with governments-Experience of a Sudbury school in the Netherlands, which went from criminal prosecution of parents to being fully recognized by the school inspectors.

Since 2002 Christel and Peter have worked to promote democratic education in Holland, after finding in it what they were looking for for their children. In 2007 they founded a Sudbury school in Amersfoort, 'De Kampanje', which had to close due to regulations imposed by the government.

In recent years they founded Newschool.nu, a school that was again based on Sudbury Valley School principles, and this time they have been allowed to operate by the educational system.

Christel is the author of the book 'De Kampanje Sudbury Valley School in Hollland' and co-author of 'Knowmad Society'.

Peter is the author of 'Beyond coercive education' and is a current member of the board of EUDEC.

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