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Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 (EVAE 2016)

Programa Encuentro de Verano de Alternativas Educativas 2016 Nota: EVAE es una mezcla de encuentro/conferencia y   desconferencia , y lo...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Passage from EUDEC newsletter on EVAE 2015

EVAE 2015, by Peter Hartkamp, board member EUDEC and a Sudbury Valley school founder in Holland.

Last summer we were invited by Daragh McInerney to speak at one of the largest gatherings of alternative education, EVAE 2015, from 18th to 23rd August, near Madrid in Spain. About 300 people from all over Spain came together to listen to the presentations, share experiences, talk about education and have fun. Having the experience of many EUDEC conferences and other meetings on democratic education, I found it really interesting that people from many areas of education came together. There were many parents and children looking for alternatives to the rigid Spanish education system, home-schoolers, groups of people who started alternative, quite often democratic schools, people from universities and also many teachers from regular schools looking for alternatives. It was an amazing experience.

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